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Why CASA? Why Volunteer?

If you are passionate about radiating positive light in your community while helping children in desperate need, you should volunteer with CASA. Being a Court Appointed Special Advocate is a great way to spark hope in the children who might be silently struggling right down the street. As an advocate, you will be able to help children in foster care, who have been victims of abuse and neglect, reach a safe and permanent home. It doesn’t require a lot of your time as the initial training only includes 30 hours and your casework can be completed at your convenience. As a CASA volunteer, you truly have the ability to change a child's story!

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Answers to many of the questions we receive can be found below.

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer is a trained citizen who is appointed by a judge to represent the best interest of an abused and neglected child in court.

A CASA volunteer provides the judge with carefully researched information about the child to help the court make a sound decision about that child’s future. They makes recommendations about placement and follows through until the child reaches a safe and permanent home.

To prepare a recommendation, the CASA volunteer talks with the child, parents, family members, social workers, school officials, health providers, and others who are knowledgeable about the child. The CASA volunteer also reviews all records pertaining to the child- school, medical, case worker reports, and other documents.

CASA volunteers offer children trust and advocacy during complex legal proceedings. They explain to the child the events that are happening and the roles of the judge, lawyers, and social workers. CASA volunteers remain objective while encouraging the child to express his or her own opinion and hopes.

Volunteers can carry up to a maximum of three cases.

After 30 hours of initial training, volunteers typically work 10-15 hours a month.

The volunteer continues until the child reaches a safe and permanent home.

Children who are victims of abuse and neglect in the foster care system are assigned CASA volunteer.

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