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Volunteer Spotlight - Vanna Headley

Vanna Headley

Vanna Headley joined our team in January of 2019. She continues to bring energy, passion, and hard work advocating for our children in Craighead County! Vanna is a mom of 2 boys, wife to her high school sweetheart, local business owner and one of her favorite titles, CASA VOLUNTEER!


After experiencing the love and support this community has to offer through owning a local business, Vanna decided to give back to Jonesboro. She knew she wanted to do something that really MEANT something to her and challenged her. Being a child that had to experience court and living through a rough childhood when it came to family matters, Vanna knew she could bring something meaningful to the table when it came to this position.


“I was lucky to get a case that I now realize was pretty “easy”. Although certain aspects broke my heart into 1000 pieces, most everyone cooperated in the best way & the outcome was GREAT! I’m realizing now, working on my 2nd case, that they’re not all so simple.” Vanna shared when asked about her first case as a CASA. “I knew I would enjoy the kids and families and it would be meaningful work, but I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy the investigative side of things. Some facts that I uncover have really made an impact in my cases.” stated Headley.


“Vanna has been an absolute powerhouse and joy to have as a part of our team! Her passion, energy, and dedication to the families she serves has become a part of our program that we would find hard to do without. She advocates with integrity and has volunteered many hours to make certain the best interest of her CASA kids are protected. Vanna has impacted her families in ways that will make their lives better for years to come” shared Advocate Coordinator, Angie Tate.