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Volunteer Spotlight - Billy and Laura Weaver

Billy and Laura Weaver

The Weaver’s joined the CASA program in April of 2019 as a team. Laura and Billy Weaver have been married close to 15 years. They have 2 dogs, Tobie and Ted, that they both adore. Both are rescue puppies that have become such a special part of their lives. Both Laura and Billy are from the Jonesboro area and ASU alumni. Billy Weaver is a Medical Physicist. He enjoys playing with his tractor on their 18 acres. He enjoys cooking and also smoking meats. Laura Weaver is an administrative assistant at Fellowship Jonesboro and one of the coordinators for Night to Shine. She and her dog, Tobie, are a registered therapy team who volunteer at St. Bernard’s. She enjoys sewing and handicrafts. They both love to travel and visit Laura’s sister in Germany often.

Laura and Billy first learned of CASA on the radio. After a radio add catching their attention, they began to talk with others that had worked as CASA advocates, learning more about the program. Volunteering at the DHS Foster child Christmas party, Laura and Billy visited with CASA staff about the opportunity to serve the children in our community. “We had prayed about possibly being foster parents but have not felt that was the right direction for us. When we heard about CASA that seemed to be an answer to prayer where we can make a difference in someone else's life.” Shared Laura.

When asked about their first case, they shared, “We had hoped that we would get an easy case for our first case. Though it was disturbing to read what these children went thru that caused them to be removed from their home, we decided to stand up for these kids and help make sure they were safe and taken care of. At times it felt like a rollercoaster as the case developed.”

One of the things that has surprised the Weaver’s was the resistance to share information from people that we expected to be on the same side, looking out for the safety of the children, even after they had a copy of the court order. So, they say they learned that you must be persistent and keep trying until you get the information you need. There was definitely more investigation work than they thought.

We were very curious about their favorite part of being a CASA and the reason they stay with the program. “Our volunteer coordinator, To know that we are helping the kids be safe and healthy, that we truly make a difference in these young lives. We love to see how the children grow and flourish as they are getting help and learning new life skills. It is enjoyable to make new friends with the kids in the case.

“Laura and Billy came into the program with a case with 5 children. There was a lot of discussion and thought by them before accepting the case. Both Laura and Billy are so passionate and involved in the lives of the family they advocate for in their case. I have been extremely impressed with their objectiveness, thoroughness, and love they have for these children. The children in their case are spread over 3 counties and they never fail to see them, talk to them, and make sure their best interests are being protected and advocated. It has been an absolute joy working with both of them.” Shared Advocate Coordinator, Angela Tate.