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Volunteer Spotlight - Whitney Black

Whitney Black

Whitney is married and has an eleven-year-old daughter and an eleven-year-old cat. She has been employed at East Arkansas Agency on Aging as Program Director for Foster Grandparents for seven years. She says cooking is her favorite hobby.

Whitney learned about CASA as a child attending school. A CASA volunteer visited children in foster care and always brought them treats. In her position, as Program Director for Foster Grandparents, she kept running into different CASA volunteers while they were visiting children in the schools. Seeing the volunteers reminded her of the impact the CASA volunteer made on the children in foster care years ago.

When asked why she decided to volunteer as a CASA Advocate, Whitney stated, “I decided that I could grow more in my job and as an individual if I volunteered my time helping kids.” The most rewarding moment for Whitney as a Court Appointed Special Advocate has been when the child called to tell her about their recent accomplishments with excitement and pride in their voice. Connie Lindley, CASA Advocate Coordinator, said, “Whitney has been a blessing to the child in her CASA case. She has been a cheerleader and confidante sharing the frustration and the triumphs. Every child needs a consistent adult like Whitney.”