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Volunteer Spotlight - Bree French

Bree French

Bree French has served as an advocate since May 2019. Volunteers serve as sworn officers of the court and help to investigate and gather information on cases when children are removed from a home due to abuse or neglect. The CASA information is provided to a judge who makes the decision whether appropriate steps have been taken to return the children to the home or to find them new, safe and permanent homes.

French heard about CASA through a friend who knew she had a calling for children in need. She chose to become a CASA volunteer because she is able to help the biological parents when there is a need along with mentoring the children.

“My first case was very rewarding. Without going into detail, my favorite moment was the day the dad found out on his case was closed and that his children were able to stay home with him. The dad called me to share his joy and the fact that I was the first person that came to mind to call was a feeling of satisfaction that I thought I would never have with my first case.” French stated.

Many new volunteers are caught by different surprises when working their first case. “The thing that has surprised me the most was how much the biological family and foster family leaned on me during the case to make sure things were moving along as they felt they should be. This surprised me because I just saw myself as a volunteer who plays and visits with 3 sweet kids but being a CASA is so much more than that.”

French is a mother of 3 who are ages 14, 7, and 1. She works in dialysis full time and has for the last 8 years. When she is not working or volunteering with CASA, she is spending time with her children. French loves to hike, sew, and raises chickens. Thank you for all you do Bree!